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Microlax and Glycerin suppositories are effective and safe laxatives that can be used for children and pregnant women. However, their mechanism of action and method of application differ. We analyzed the means to understand which and in what situations is better.





High security profile;


Quick effect;

Ease of use;

Suitable for children and pregnant women;

Not addictive

High price;

Not used for long term treatment

Glycerin suppositories

Can be used from birth;

Used for the seriously ill;

Low cost.

The risk of side effects is higher;

More contraindications;

Only one active ingredient.

Description of Microlax


Microlax is a microclyster, a solution with active ingredients, which is injected into the rectum, where it has an effect. It contains sorbitol, sodium citrate and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate. The drug is produced in France by the Famar Orleans company. Available in tubes with a tip.

Microclyster is a combined remedy, the action of which is aimed at liquefying the contents of the intestine and increasing fluid in it for easy emptying.

Sodium citrate in the composition acts as a peptizer. The substance promotes the breakdown of feces and the displacement of fluid. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate thins the contents, and sorbitol enhances the laxative effect by stimulating fluid intake.

A distinctive feature of this microclyster is a gentle effect on the mucosa. Microlax does not irritate the walls of the organ and does not lead to addiction, but acts pointwise. Its advantage is in a quick effect — up to 15 minutes after application.

The product is available in a tube with a special rectal nozzle. One microclyster contains 5 ml of solution. As auxiliary substances in the composition there are glycerol, water and sorbic acid. One tube is for single use.

Research and effectiveness

An article was presented in the Medical Journal of Australia confirming the effectiveness of the use of Microlax in preparation for a rectal examination. Microclyster quickly has an effect, which is important before carrying out diagnostic procedures. The big advantage in this case is security.

Source: «The use of a micro-enema as preparation for sigmoidoscopy».

Later, in 1996, the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine suggested that a microclyster be given before each sigmoidoscopy examination.

Source: «Self-administered disposable micro-enemasoscopy before outpatient sigmoidoscopy».

Microlax is approved for use in pediatrics. It has no age restrictions. For children under three years old, the applicator is inserted halfway. There are no more comments.

Source: Thomson, Kate. Pediatric Handbook, 8th ed. / Kate Thomson, 2011.

healthy baby


Means Microlax is not used in case of intolerance to substances in the composition. It is also not recommended to use saline laxatives for intestinal phlegmon.

When carrying a fetus, a microclyster is prescribed. At the same time, the manufacturer did not conduct relevant studies. The drug does not have a systemic effect, and therefore is considered safe for the fetus and child with natural feeding.

Side effects

The drug is well tolerated. In isolated cases, unpleasant symptoms may occur.

Possible side effects from the use of Microlax:

  1. burning sensation in the injection area;

  2. allergic manifestations;

  3. discomfort in the intestines.

Unpleasant reactions pass quickly and do not require special treatment. With the development of a strong allergic reaction, medical attention is already needed.


Microclyster Microlax is intended for rectal administration. Before use, you need to carry out hygiene procedures and wash your hands well.

After 3 years and adults, the tip is inserted to its full length. The seal is broken first. Up to 3 years, it is introduced to a special mark.

After the introduction, you need to lightly press on the tube to allow its contents to enter the intestines. You need to squeeze out all the remedy at once. After the procedure, it is recommended to lie down.

After 5-15 minutes, you can already notice the action in the form of urge to empty. Usually, one application of the agent is enough for this, but other dosages may be prescribed.

The tool is not used for permanent use for constipation. When there is such a problem, you need to consult a doctor who will select an effective and safe treatment.

Who will suit

Microenemas have shown themselves well in eliminating constipation in pregnant women and after childbirth. The drug is also prescribed before various diagnostic studies, when you need to cleanse the intestines. Due to the high safety, the drug is prescribed for young children. Despite this, before using Microlax, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Description of glycerin suppositories

Glycerin suppositories

Glycerin suppositories are rectal suppositories with glycerol as the active ingredient. The action of the drug is aimed at stimulating the motor activity of the intestine by a slight irritating effect. Glycerol softens the feces, which leads to their painless and rapid removal. Producer — Nizhpharm.

The drug is used to treat constipation of various origins. Also, suppositories are indicated for the purpose of prevention in patients who, for various reasons, cannot strain. Suppositories are prescribed to patients with anal fissures and other pathologies in which the natural act of defecation is accompanied by painful sensations.

Research and effectiveness

Candles are effectively used in the treatment of functional constipation in relatively healthy and premature babies. However, the studies carried out have been few and many questions still remain. Glycerin suppositories are used with caution, as according to some reports they can cause necrotizing enterocolitis.

Source: «Glycerin Enemas and Suppositories in Premature Infants: A Meta-analysis», Michael H.


Rectal suppositories with glycerol are not prescribed for intolerance to this substance.

Glycerin suppositories are also contraindicated in the following conditions:

  1. acute hemorrhoids;

  2. proctitis;

  3. benign and malignant tumors of the intestine;

  4. paraproctitis.

During pregnancy, suppositories are considered safe. Glycerol is non-toxic and does not enter the general circulation when used topically. Candles are used during the period of gestation. They are also effective in preventing constipation after childbirth in nursing mothers.

Side effects

Glycerin suppositories are well tolerated. Side effects such as irritation of the anus, itching, burning, hyperemia are rarely noted. In order to alleviate the condition, a few ml of olive oil is applied, which is injected into the rectum.


Glycerin suppositories are administered rectally. Can be administered up to 2 suppositories once a day. It is recommended to apply them 10-20 minutes after breakfast. They, like Microlax, are not intended for regular use. After the normalization of intestinal motility, the drug is immediately canceled.

Who will suit

Glycerin suppositories are suitable for single use for constipation. They can be prescribed for medical reasons to seriously ill people who are in hospital.


Comparative characteristics of the cost and analogues of funds:





5 ml 4 pieces — from 330 rubles;

5 ml 12 pieces — from 740 rubles;

From 0 to 3 years 4 pieces — from 360 rubles

Glycerin suppositories K.O. antibiotics;

Glycerin Nizhpharm;

Glycerin suppositories Amed

Glycerin suppositories

2.1 g 12 pieces — from 190 rubles

No analogues

Microlax, Glycerin suppositories and their analogues have separate contraindications and adverse reactions. Before use, be sure to read the instructions and follow them.

Which tool is better

Glycerin suppositories are cheap, they effectively cope with constipation and are safe for health. Microlax is more expensive, but at the same time, the microclyster acts on the intestines more gently, without causing irritation. This drug is best used for children and pregnant women.

The choice of remedy for constipation should be made by the attending physician, taking into account the nature of the disorder, age and general health. Self-medication can be dangerous.

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