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Ironing clothes is one of the «household nightmares» along with cleaning, cooking and washing dishes. Struggling with even one crease in your trousers can throw you off balance. But what if you need to iron clothes for the whole family ?!

Fortunately, appliance manufacturers are constantly improving their products, trying to make life easier for wrinkle fighters. So, ordinary irons are equipped with special sliding soles and steam generators. Exposure to hot moist air helps to cope with even the most unruly wrinkles.

Here are just a lot of techniques with the possibility of steaming. There are both steam generators and steamers. And they are quite different from each other.

In this article, we will analyze what is better for clothes — a steam generator or a steamer.

Steam generator (iron with steam generator)

steam generator

It should immediately be noted that steam generators as such are not used at home. It’s more of a cleaning machine. But for the home, irons with a steam generator are designed.

These devices, like irons in principle, are used for ironing clothes. But they are equipped with a large, often free-standing water tank with a high-power heater. That is why steam generators are able to «give out» a large amount of steam with a relatively high pressure.

As a result, steam from steam generators is able to penetrate deep into the fabric and smooth even the most dense materials. For example, jeans. The steam pressure is almost always high (a so-called “steam boost” is created), and the steam itself is dry, so it can be used to disinfect materials, add extra volume or remove unpleasant odors.

However, a steam generator is primarily an iron. Therefore, it has the appropriate functionality. The device is designed for ironing clothes, it can support steam flow power adjustment, be equipped with replaceable nozzles or soles, temperature settings, and so on. For other purposes, the steam generator will be of little use.

So, they will not be able to clean hanging curtains, disinfect pillows, or, for example, steam a woolen coat that has overwintered in the closet. The steam generator cannot be used in a vertical position. And in the horizontal, its sole is too hot, as a result of which it is strictly forbidden to touch some materials with it.

In general, the steam generator is characterized as follows:

  1. The main purpose is to iron clothes. Steam is used to remove deep and difficult-to-remove creases, as well as to get rid of the characteristic “shiny” streaks that remain on some materials after ironing;

  2. «Gives out» dry steam, which has disinfecting properties and increases the volume of some materials;

  3. The temperature of the steam given out is from 100 to 160 degrees, depending on the model of the steam generator;

  4. Able to steam only in a horizontal position. When converted to vertical, the efficiency drops significantly — including due to a decrease in steam pressure.

The main difference from a conventional iron with a built-in water tank is that the steam flow rate is much higher. The device, in fact, works constantly in the “steam boost” mode. In addition, the capacity of the water container of the steam generator is much higher than that of any budget iron. And the durability is also longer, since the steam channels in the sole do not become clogged with scale.


  • A powerful stream of dry steam that can be used to remove wrinkles, add volume to some fabrics, disinfect and remove unpleasant odors;

  • Full functionality of the iron. The steam generator is suitable for ironing clothes.


  • Limited functionality. In fact, the steam generator can only be used for ironing clothes — and nothing else;

  • Very high steam temperature. For some models, it is up to 160 degrees Celsius, which can damage sensitive materials.

The most important advantage of an iron with a steam generator is that this device is perfect for ironing bed linen — duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases — as well as curtains and other decorative fabrics.

Powerful steam flow easily penetrates through several layers of fabric, smoothing wrinkles and softening the material. When dry, home textiles become unpleasantly stiff, which is especially critical for bed linen. And the steam generator is able to correct this shortcoming.



The steamer is a fairly new household appliance. The device is designed for steam treatment of various surfaces and materials. Visually, the steamer is similar to a vacuum cleaner, only in the main unit there is a water container and a heating element.

Steamers are used in general house cleaning. Yes, they are able to:

  1. Remove various stubborn and greasy contaminants from kitchen furniture and appliances. For example, with a steamer, you can clean the hood, gas stove, oven, microwave, and so on;

  2. Carry out antiseptic treatment of upholstered furniture, at the same time as refreshing the appearance of the coating and removing stubborn dirt from it;

  3. Refresh winter and summer clothes after prolonged storage in the closet, smooth out small wrinkles, improve color;

  4. Remove unpleasant odors from fabric coverings. For example, from upholstered furniture, carpets, carpet, curtains, curtains and tablecloths;

  5. Disinfect soft toys, destroying dust mites and harmful bacteria. This is especially important for people with children suffering from respiratory diseases or a weakened immune system;

  6. Wash windows and any other hard surfaces.

Of course, the steamer is also suitable for caring for clothes. But ironing something with it will not work — this device is not intended for that. Here it will be possible to remove “quickly” folds from a dress, T-shirt or some down jacket that have been hanging in the closet for more than one week with a steamer. Then the clothes will straighten out under the influence of their own weight.

An important feature of the steamer is that it «gives out» wet steam. Therefore, it is not recommended to influence a separate area of ​​clothing, furniture or soft toys for a long time. Moisture can condense in the thickness of the material, which will lead to not the most pleasant consequences.

In general, steamers are characterized as follows:

  1. The main purpose is to take care of household items. The steamer removes dirt, removes unpleasant odors, disinfects, washes and refreshes colors. With regard to clothing, he is only capable of straightening small folds caused by prolonged storage;

  2. Produces «wet» steam, which has excellent cleaning properties and helps to remove dirt from hard and smooth surfaces;

  3. The temperature of the «issued» steam is from 90 to 120 degrees. Thanks to this, the steamer does not damage even many delicate fabrics and heat-sensitive materials;

  4. Able to steam in both horizontal and vertical positions. Efficiency does not drop, since the steam flow rate is in principle not too high.

In fact, a steamer is something like a kettle, only with a larger capacity and with a long movable “spout”. It does not have any mechanisms for injecting steam pressure. Therefore, there are more degrees of freedom when using, and areas of application — but ironing clothes with a steamer will still not work.

So, let’s sum up.


  • The steamer is a universal device for cleaning, caring for household items and clothes. It will help to achieve almost perfect cleanliness and provide protection against pathogens due to the antiseptic effect of steam;

  • The relatively low temperature of the steam protects delicate and delicate fabrics from heat damage. The device can process even complex decorative elements of clothing — frills, pleats, frills, and so on.


  • Relatively low work intensity. Steam comes out «by gravity», without pressure. As a result, it cannot penetrate multi-layered fabrics or smooth out strong wrinkles in clothes.

Steamers will also find application in clothing stores and ateliers. With their ability to smooth out fine lines, suitable for the care of complex decorative elements, and refreshing the color of fabrics, these devices will keep clothes looking «fresh», «new» and visually appealing.

Which is better for clothes — a steam generator or a steamer?

what to choose

So, if you need to iron your clothes after washing and drying, then it is better to take a steam generator. A steamer is a device for removing small wrinkles and simply caring for fabrics. It can also be used in home cleaning.

But the difference between the two devices is not limited to this. Let’s compare them.


steam generator


The main purpose of clothing care

Smoothing difficult-to-remove creases, caring for thick and voluminous fabrics

Removing small wrinkles, removing dust and unpleasant odors, caring for complex decorative elements

Additional features


Disinfection, home care

Steam type and temperature

Dry, 100 to 160 degrees, strong flow

Wet, 90 to 120 degrees, low flow

Features of work

Works only in horizontal position

Works both horizontally and vertically

Buying a steam generator (iron with a steam generator) is advisable in the following cases:

  1. If you need to iron a lot of clothes with different textures. For example, in families where every few days a “big wash” is arranged and all dirty things are collected;

  2. If you often need to iron clothes made of materials that quickly become covered with difficult-to-remove folds;

  3. When you want to iron bed linen, woolen items, delicate materials, as well as voluminous fabrics.

Buying a steamer is advisable in the following cases:

  1. To care for things with many complex decorative elements;

  2. For quick removal of small wrinkles from shirts, dresses and similar items of clothing that are stored hanging;

  3. For general house cleaning — cleaning curtains, curtains, carpets, upholstered furniture, removing stubborn dirt from various surfaces, and so on.

  4. In addition, the steamer is a very useful device for clothing stores and ateliers. With it, fabrics and decorative elements will keep an attractive «original» look.

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