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Now the trend is smooth skin on all surfaces of the body, except for the head. Even brutal men remove excess vegetation, and for girls and women this is not just a whim, but a necessity. Therefore, expertology.ru journalists asked leading cosmetologists about the most effective non-hardware methods for removing body hairs, they turned out to be waxing and sugaring. Read about all the features, advantages and disadvantages of these methods in our article.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing, shugaring


Briefly about the pros and cons of shugaring and waxing.




Waxing, waxing

High degree of efficiency;

Universality of application on all areas of the body;

Availability for use in the salon or at home;

Acceptable cost.


The likelihood of developing side effects.

Epilation with sugar paste, shugaring

Good efficiency;

High degree of security;

Low chance of developing side effects.

duration of the procedure;

Increased cost;

Medium performance on coarse hair.

Waxing or waxing — description of the method, contraindications


Waxing (waxing) is a popular method of removing excess hair on any part of the body. Waxing is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. The skin is cleansed of sweat, sebum and other impurities.

  2. The skin is disinfected and an anesthetic cream may be applied.

  3. The skin is treated with talc.

  4. Softened wax is applied to the desired area of ​​u200bu200bthe skin. It is important to apply the product in the direction of hair growth.

  5. Within a minute, the hairs stick to the wax. During this time, a strip of paper or a special fabric is glued to the wax strip, which will allow you to remove the product from the skin.

  6. With one sharp movement, the specialist tears off the wax mass, removing, along with the cosmetic preparation, hairs with roots adhering to it.

Experts say that for successful waxing, you need to properly prepare for the procedure. To do this, 10-14 days (or more — it all depends on the rate of hair growth) before waxing, you need to stop removing hair in the area of ​​u200bu200bfuture treatment. The most suitable hair length for waxing is from 3 to 7 mm. If the hairs are shorter, their contact and adhesion with the wax mass will not be strong. If the hairs are, on the contrary, too long, waxing will not only be unpleasant, but also painful. In addition, the hair can simply tear in the middle, and not be removed from the root.

Experts in waxing and sugaring shared one life hack with expertology.ru journalists. If you have long hairs in the area of ​​the upcoming treatment, and you do not know how to give them the desired length, ask your beautician if he can correct the hair with a special trimmer. Many salons have this service. But if the length of the hairs, on the contrary, is insufficient, you will have to «grow» them. It takes an average of 1.5-2 weeks after the last shave.

Also, preparation for waxing involves hygiene procedures. If you use a skin scrub the day before (1 day before epilation), the extraction of hairs will be less painful. Local anesthetic creams, for example, Astra «Emla» or a spray based on lidocaine, help to reduce the severity of discomfort. As well as taking painkillers 1 hour before the procedure. It can be Ketanov or Nurofen.

Waxing is popular not only among women and girls, but also among the stronger sex, who need hair removal on the back, chest or any other parts of the body.

New hairs do not grow back quickly — after about 14-30 days. The rate of hair regrowth depends only on the physiological characteristics of a person. But experts say that if waxing is used regularly, periods of «no hair» will increase. And new hairs will become thinner each time and may eventually stop growing altogether. True, this may take several years. And only on condition that in between epilation procedures a person does not use a razor, which contributes to the disappearance of the cumulative effect.


There are several types of waxing:

hot waxing — the cosmetic product is heated to a temperature of 55-65 degrees. Experts say that this method is the most effective, since the application of heated wax helps to open the pores of the skin, and the hairs are easily and effectively removed from the root. However, hot waxing at home is highly discouraged. The slightest mistake can lead not only to burns of the skin, but also to the occurrence of unpleasant side effects:

  1. Peeling of the skin, decreased turgor, itching.

  2. Changing the position of the follicles, which leads to ingrown hairs.

  3. Microtrauma of the skin, penetration of infection, the occurrence of an inflammatory process, which is manifested by pustules.

  4. Extensive bruising that occurs due to trauma to blood vessels that are located close to the surface of the skin.

  5. Dark spots on the skin. Unnatural pigmentation can occur if the skin is exposed to sunlight immediately after waxing.

Warm waxing — this method is different in that the cosmetic is heated slightly — up to 37-45 degrees.

Cold waxing is carried out using special fabric strips, which have already been waxed. Such strips are completely ready for use, including at home. It is enough just to hold them in your hands for a while, so that under the influence of body heat the wax softens a little.

There are differences in the method of applying cosmetics to the skin. This can be a manual method, in which the plastic mass is distributed over the skin with your hands. Or a spatula method, in which a more liquid mass is applied to the skin with a special flat stick. The use of the fabric wax strips mentioned above is a bandage waxing method. Also in stores you can find cosmetics — cartridges with wax. They are practically not used in salons, but at home it is very convenient to use cartridges. Before use, the product can be heated under a stream of warm or hot water and applied to the skin using a roller located at one end of the cartridge.

Experts warn that, despite the high safety of waxing, there are some contraindications to the procedure. Among them are decompensated diabetes mellitus, other severe chronic and acute diseases, the presence of neoplasms on the skin (warts, warts). As well as infectious and inflammatory diseases of the epidermis, any violation of its integrity, varicose veins, the period of bearing a child and lactation.


  • Fast and efficient method. If a qualified master works, the duration of the procedure will be 15-30 minutes. All subsequent sessions will be even faster.

  • Wax is universal, it can be used to eliminate excess vegetation of any density, color and stiffness, on any part of the skin.

  • The abundance of waxing techniques and methods allows you to choose the best option for customers with different needs.


  • Requires some skill to use. If the wax is not heated well enough, it will be difficult to apply and simply ineffective. It is impossible to reuse the wax mass, so hair removal with an unskilled approach ends up being quite expensive. If you overheat the wax, it is very easy to get burned.

  • The wax, when applied, does not penetrate into the pores of the skin where the hair grows. Therefore, the capture occurs in the region of the hair shaft, which can cause the hair to break off when the wax mass is torn off.

  • Waxing is different in that it is quite traumatic for the epidermis. After the procedure, redness and irritation may last for several days. There is also a high likelihood of side effects, especially if you entrust the hair removal to a master with an insufficient degree of competence.

Conclusion — who is suitable for waxing

Waxing is suitable for people with a high pain threshold, as well as those who do not want to spend a lot of time on the procedure. Waxing is sometimes the only way to remove unwanted hair for people with coarse, thick and strong hairs, because sugar paste simply does not do the job.

Sugaring — description of the method, contraindications


Sugaring as a method of skin epilation has been known for a long time, but in our country it began to be used only a few years ago. Sugaring differs from waxing in that wax is not used for hair removal, but a plastic sugar paste prepared according to a special recipe. There are other aspects in which sugaring differs from waxing. For example, the technique for removing excess hair is completely different:

  1. The sweet and sticky paste is applied against the direction of hair growth, unlike wax, which is applied in the direction of hair growth.

  2. The hairs firmly adhere to the paste, which additionally penetrates the hair follicle, grabbing the hair at the root level.

  3. Vegetation is removed in the direction of its growth.

The duration of the result of sugaring is approximately the same as that of waxing — from 2 to 4 weeks. In the ability to influence the structure of new hairs, shugaring is also no different from waxing. Over time, the rate of hair growth gradually decreases, they become thinner and not as thick.

The optimal length of hairs for shugaring is 3-7 millimeters. But this method is different in that it can be used when there is simply no time to “grow” excess vegetation. After all, sugar paste well captures hairs with a length of 2 millimeters.

For different areas of the body, a mass of different density is used — from soft to very dense:

  1. Soft paste has a viscous and extremely pliable consistency. This allows you to effectively treat large areas of the skin, for example, legs, back, chest (for men).

  2. Medium-density paste is universal and is used for epilation of any areas.

  3. The dense mass requires preliminary warming up, it has a high degree of efficiency in all parts of the body.

  4. A high density mass is ideal for treating areas with the thickest and toughest hairs. In most cases, it is used to remove vegetation in the armpit and bikini area.

The technique of applying the sweet mass is similar to waxing methods — manual, spatula and bandage. Restrictions and contraindications for shugaring are no different from contraindications for waxing.


Measures to help reduce the likelihood of side effects after sugaring and waxing:

  1. During the day, you do not need to take a bath, play sports and all kinds of activities that contribute to increased sweat production.

  2. Within 2-3 days after the procedure, you must refuse to visit public pools, the beach, solarium, baths, saunas. That is, places where you can infect vulnerable skin with an infection or get a sunburn.

  3. Until the redness and irritation of the skin pass, you should not apply any means to the skin other than those recommended by the beautician.

  4. If the epilation of the bikini zone was performed, it is better to postpone sex for a few days.

  5. To prevent the possibility of ingrown hairs and make the skin soft, silky, three days after the procedure, you need to lightly treat the skin with a scrub. You can use a homemade cosmetic product — sugar powder mixed with honey and water.


  • The separation of the paste in the direction of hair growth is an unpleasant procedure, but the degree of discomfort and soreness is much lower than with waxing. Not only due to the fact that the hairs are pulled out in the direction of growth, due to which they are released from the holes with minimal resistance. But also because during shugaring, small areas are usually processed sequentially and the pain is mild.

  • Sugaring is different in that it is safer than waxing. Cosmetic wax contains many components, including synthetic flavors, dyes, stabilizers, and other additives. They can cause an allergic reaction. Sugar paste contains only ordinary sugar, water and lemon juice. Therefore, allergies can only occur in those who are hypersensitive to these components.

  • The working temperature of sugar paste is approximately 38 degrees. Therefore, there is no burning sensation, there can be no burn of the skin as with hot waxing. And in general, shugaring is less traumatic for the skin, because the sugar mass interacts only with the hair, but not with the epidermis. For this reason, sugaring is especially recommended for those with dry, delicate and sensitive skin. Sugaring is also different in that there are no ingrown hairs after it.

  • Plastic paste can be prepared independently at home and significantly save on the services of a beautician.

  • Low likelihood of such unpleasant consequences of epilation as itching, peeling, abscesses, bruises and pigmentation.

  • Sugaring is more economical as the caramel paste can be reused. It is applied, torn off, rolled into a ball and applied again. One small piece of plastic paste can treat a large area of ​​the skin.


  • The application of this method takes more time, as small areas are processed.

  • Since the mass of sugar is less adhesive than wax, some areas need to be re-treated to achieve perfect skin smoothness. In some cases, for example, if the client has coarse black hairs, even a double treatment does not help to completely clean the skin and you have to use tweezers.

  • The cost of sugaring (due to the natural composition and duration of the procedure) is higher than the price of waxing.

Conclusion — who is suitable for shugaring

Sugaring is suitable for people with a low pain threshold. And also for those who want to remove excess vegetation in areas with the most delicate and sensitive skin — above the upper lip, in the armpits, in the intimate area. Yes, in principle, any person who does not want to experience unnecessary pain can prefer less painful shugaring.

Which is better, waxing or sugaring?

  1. Waxing, like sugaring, has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, each method is better for some and not at all suitable for others.

  2. Waxing is different in that it is better for people with coarse and strong hair, who value their time and have skin that is not prone to irritation.

  3. Sugaring is different in that it is better for allergy sufferers, owners of delicate skin and people with a low pain threshold.

  4. If the cost of the procedure is important to you, then waxing is likely to cost less, so it is better to sign up for this procedure.

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