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The main rule for washing things: colored — to colored, dark — to dark, light — to light. Such a distinction will prevent the color of the garments from changing. However, there are many more tips for caring for colored clothes: neglecting them increases the risk of discoloration, staining of your favorite bright clothes, with the appearance of stains on them.

We have prepared a list of recommendations for the correct washing of colored items. Follow them to keep the brightness and original state of colored clothes for a long time.

How to wash colored items

General recommendations

  1. Sort clothes by color: orange with red, blue with purple. If any item of clothing strongly stands out from the overall color scheme, wash it separately. Do not load white, light-colored clothes into the drum along with colored items;

  2. Wash things with strong stains in water at a minimum temperature (optimal — 30 ° C, maximum — 40 ° C). Hot water will only help fix the stain.

  3. Also, before washing, strong stains should be treated separately: apply a stain remover to the stained area and rinse the clothes;

  4. It is impossible to soak colored clothes for a long time — otherwise its color may lose its brightness.

Attention! Any new colored item should be washed by hand the first time, as some of the color will be washed off.

Do not use chlorine-containing products for washing, otherwise the fabric will be discolored. Purchase special store products for colored linen. As a result, you will not only preserve and fix the shade of the item, but also ensure its saturation after several washing cycles.

Checking fabric for color fastness

Before washing, it is worth checking whether the clothes shed. Wet it slightly in any place, then attach a light-colored cloth or paper napkin to it. The coloring of the napkin indicates that the thing is subject to molting.

There are other ways to check fabric:

  1. Cut a piece of fabric near the seam and dip it in a small container of alcohol for 5 minutes. Press the cut piece against your clothing and compare the colors. If the color saturation of the cut part has decreased, then these clothes will quickly fade;

  2. Pour warm water into a bowl and add the powder. Place a piece of clothing in the container for 10 minutes. Transfer the piece to a white cloth and wring it out of the water. If colored stains appear on a white fabric, then the thing is prone to fading.

There is a fabric color that is fragile, it is recommended to wash clothes less often and by hand, at a minimum temperature, with careful movements.

Preparatory actions

Read the label before washing any new item. Manufacturers always warn that a thing, for example, can only be washed by hand or dry cleaned.

In order to prepare a thing for washing, you must:

  1. Pull out key chains, keys, cards, coins and other small items from pockets;

  2. Unbutton buttons and at the same time fasten all fasteners and buttons;

  3. Remove pins, belts;

  4. Turn clothes inside out;

  5. Straighten and iron shirt sleeves.

Place your underwear in a separate laundry bag.

How to wash colored clothes by hand

How to wash colored clothes

Thanks to hand washing, the bright, saturated color of the item will last for a long time.


  1. Fill a basin with water at room temperature;

  2. Add a detergent designed for colored laundry to the water. It should not contain bleaching components;

  3. Soak clothes for 30 minutes if they are dirty;

  4. Wash contaminated areas carefully;

  5. Rinse clothes in clean water with conditioner;

  6. Wring lightly and hang to dry.

We recommend that you test the water softness before washing your clothes. Pour 25 g of soap into 250 ml of boiling water. If the soap dissolves completely and in a short time in water, then the water is soft enough. If not, add baking soda or water softener to the wash.

How to wash colored clothes in the washing machine

Washing machines do not have a special mode for colored items. Therefore, it is sufficient to set the temperature to 30 °C. A suitable spin mode is up to 800 rpm.

To prevent fiber thinning, wash garments inside out. And between the top of the drum and the laundry should be a space as wide as a palm.

Preference should be given to liquid detergents. So, in stores there is a gel concentrate for colored items ALPI, which prevents fabric from fading and retains brightness and color saturation even after repeated washings.

Immediately after washing is completed, take the clothes out of the washer and hang them up. If things continue to lie together, then they can be mutually colored.

Folk methods for washing colored laundry and restoring shade

  1. In order to wash overalls or other heavily soiled items, prepare a special mixture. Add laundry soap, soda and kerosene to boiling water, place clothes in the solution and leave to soak overnight;

  2. Mohair clothes should be rinsed in water with glycerin. For 10 liters of water you need 3 tsp. glycerin;

  3. Use blue to wash blue clothes. Dissolve the paint in water so that its shade matches the shade of the clothes;

  4. If cream or beige clothing has faded, add coffee or tea leaves to the water;

  5. If the clothes are green, add some greenery to the water, soak the clothes in it for 10 minutes and rinse. Be sure to wear gloves;

  6. To wash blue, yellow, pink things, add vinegar to the water, and red and blue clothes — salt;

  7. Ammonia will help maintain the brightness and saturation of the pink color. To do this, simply add 2 tsp to the powder or gel compartment. alcohol.

Black pepper will also help keep the color. The main reason for the discoloration of the fabric is soap scum, which is difficult to get rid of. It is enough to add 1 tsp. pepper in the rinse compartment, and the gel or powder in the main compartment. After washing, turn on the rinse cycle in cold water.

How to dry colored clothes

How to wash colored clothes

After washing, turn the garment inside out and hang to dry — but not in direct sunlight. Otherwise, things will quickly burn out in the sun. For the same reason, you should not dry things on radiators and heaters, otherwise the thing will lose its bright color. A suitable option is on a rope or dryer in a well-ventilated area.

At the same time, the saturation of tones can decrease not only due to improper drying. If the fabric itself was originally dyed poorly, then such a thing will fade in a short time.

As for ironing, only the minimum temperature is suitable for colored clothes. First thing should be turned inside out.

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