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An unsuccessful or boring tattoo over time is not a reason to suffer and try to get used to what you have. Over time, the pigment will not go anywhere from the skin, so you need to get rid of it. For this purpose, laser radiation is used or a special composition (remover) is applied. The main thing is the correct application. What is the best way to remove a tattoo and which option is faster? The answers to these questions are below.

Remover: principle of action, efficiency


A high-quality remover is able to remove the entire color spectrum of the pigment used in facial tattooing. The composition of this product contains non-aggressive acids, which practically do not injure the skin, minimizing damage. The principle of operation of any remover is to destroy the upper epithelial layer in order to achieve a coloring pigment. The active component of the remover immediately mixes with the pigment, forming a substance that pushes the paint to the surface of the skin.

Advice. Experience is required to remove a tattoo with a remover, so it is important to contact a qualified specialist. Otherwise, an illiterate procedure will lead to the formation of edema, severe inflammation, deep crusts on the skin (they will also appear with a properly performed procedure, but their severity will be much less).

Since the remover contains acids, tattoo removal with its help cannot be completely painless. However, the discomfort is negligible and, if desired by the client, can be minimized with topical anesthesia. During the procedure, some of the pigment immediately comes out of the skin. The final result is noticeable no earlier than a month after skin treatment with a remover.

Unlike the laser procedure, the treatment with a remover injures the skin, so post-procedure care is required. The treated areas should not be wetted, it is important to apply healing ointments prescribed by the master, and in no case tear off the resulting crusts.

Laser: principle of operation, efficiency

Laser: principle of operation, efficiency

Among the variety of different lasers for tattoo removal, neodymium is the best option. It is with the procedure of laser tattoo treatment that one should begin to remove the pigment of the eyebrows, eyelids or lips. The neodymium laser is ideal for cold color pigments (such as black or blue).

But when working with a dye of beige, red and green shades, it does not show itself so well. Since red color prevails in the pigment for the lips, it is better to remove the tattoo from the lips first with a laser, but first treat the eyebrows and eyelids with a laser device.

The device acts on the treated area with a laser beam, which instantly breaks the pigment in the skin into many tiny particles that leave the body through the lymphatic system. The duration of one such pulse does not exceed literally a few nano-seconds, so it is impossible to feel it with the skin: the laser does not affect the upper epithelial layer, destroying only the coloring pigment in its cells.

Immediately during the treatment of the tattooed area of ​​the skin, part of the pigment is lightened, the final result will have to wait about a month. I am glad that the procedure itself is completely painless and after exposure to the skin no special care is required.

It is enough to apply a remedy after the procedure that eliminates the redness that has appeared (usually masters use fenistil). Additionally, you can treat the skin yourself already at home, using ordinary panthenol. The next day after the procedure, you can apply decorative cosmetics.

Having chosen a laser as a tool for dealing with pigment, you should prepare yourself for the fact that you will need at least 6 sessions (about 1 minute each). The laser procedure should be carried out every 5-6 weeks. Already after the first treatment of the tattoo with a laser, the pigment will acquire a more natural shade.

Advice. If the master offers to remove the tattoo by performing a whole series of procedures at a time, you should not linger in the chair of such a “specialist”, since such an effect cannot be achieved.

Is it possible to combine procedures?

Not only possible, but recommended in most cases. Experts say that the fastest and most visible result can be achieved by alternating laser procedures with the use of a remover. Each of the options affects the tattoo a little differently, so the master selects the best option strictly individually.

For example, the laser will not see green shades and will not react to them in any way, so in this case it would be logical to start with a remover, and then “clean up” the remains with a laser beam. But it is the laser that ideally cleans the gray-blue shades, so it’s better to start here with it, and after a few procedures, complete everything with a remover.

Comparative characteristics




Operating principle

The main component of the composition, penetrating under the skin, combines with the coloring pigment and is brought to the surface (leaves with the resulting crusts)

The laser beam breaks the pigment in the skin into many nano-particles, which are excreted from the body through the lymphatic system.

Degree of discomfort

Minor (application anesthesia may be used to minimize discomfort)


Injury to the skin

Destruction of the upper layers of the epidermis. With an unqualified procedure, complications are possible: swelling, inflammation of the skin, the formation of strong crusts

The laser pulse acts on the epidermis for several nano-seconds, destroying only the coloring pigment, while the skin is not injured.

The effect of one procedure

Part of the pigment leaves the skin immediately, part — during the healing period. The final effect is noticeable — after 30-40 days

Partial skin lightening instantly, the final effect is noticeable after 30-40 days

Post-procedure care

It is impossible to wet the treated areas, peel off the crusts from them, periodic application of restorative ointments is required

Not required

Healing rate

30-45 days

30-45 days

Session Frequency

Maximum 1 time per month

Maximum 1 time per month

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