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Green tea is one of the popular tonic drinks. In Asian countries, this plant has long been used for medicinal purposes, women added it to cosmetics to preserve youth and beauty. Modern scientists have found that green tea extract has a rich composition and has a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, cosmetics manufacturers add it to creams, masks, facial tonics.

Green tea for the face: useful properties and applications in cosmetics, a review of products

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Extract features

Dried green tea leaves are used to prepare a healing drink. They are poured with hot water, and the extractives pass into the water. Such an infusion has a useful complex effect.

Japanese scientists conducted a study and determined that people who drink green tea live 10-15 years longer. They are less likely to have cardiovascular and oncological diseases, obesity, and diabetes mellitus. And most importantly, they look younger. This drink improves complexion, helps eliminate cosmetic problems.

Due to these properties, this plant is often used externally. Liquid or dry leaf extract is added to cosmetics, home masks.

What is included

The benefits of green tea are due to the rich composition. Scientists have found that the leaves contain:

  1. catechins;

  2. antioxidants;

  3. bioflavonoids;

  4. polyphenols;

  5. essential oils;

  6. caffeine;

  7. theanine;

  8. vitamins A, E, C, K, P, group B;

  9. minerals.

Green tea is especially rich in antioxidants. They protect cells from destruction, slow down aging.

Beneficial features

Green tea for the face: useful properties and applications in cosmetics, a review of products

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For internal and external use green tea has the following beneficial effect:

  1. antioxidant — protects tissues from oxidative stress;

  2. anti-carcinogenic — slows down the growth of malignant tumors;

  3. cardioprotective — protects the heart;

  4. antiviral — active even in relation to the hepatitis virus;

  5. immunomodulatory;

  6. regulates the tone of blood vessels;

  7. activates the brain.

Application features

Cosmetics based on green tea are harmless and have no contraindications. This plant can be used during pregnancy, it is added to creams for the care of babies. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used at any age. Intolerance is rare, does not cause allergic reactions. The extract of this plant can be used even for sensitive skin.

Action on the skin

Green tea for the face: useful properties and applications in cosmetics, a review of products

Green tea is good for facial skin, saturates it with essential trace elements. It has an anti-inflammatory, tonic, rejuvenating effect. Improves the condition of problem skin, reduces oiliness, moisturizes, brightens. With regular use, complexion improves, pores narrow, acne disappears.

Substances contained in green tea leaves penetrate deep into tissues. They improve blood circulation, activate collagen synthesis, retain moisture. Popularity of using this extract in cosmetics due to the following properties:

  1. slows down the aging process;

  2. smoothes the skin, improves elasticity;

  3. accelerates regeneration processes;

  4. evens out complexion;

  5. removes puffiness;

  6. cleanses and tightens pores;

  7. regulates the work of the sebaceous glands;

  8. protects against UV radiation;

  9. soothes, relieves irritation.

Scientists from Pakistan conducted a study on volunteers with problematic skin: they applied an emulsion of 3% green tea extract to the cheeks.
It revealedthat after 2 months, the production of sebum decreased, and the formation of acne decreased.

Indications for use

Green tea-based cosmetics and homemade recipes are universal. With regular use, they help eliminate such problems:

  1. dull, gray complexion;

  2. rosacea;

  3. increased pigmentation;

  4. acne, youthful acne;

  5. mimic wrinkles, sagging skin;

  6. swelling, bruising under the eyes;

  7. increased oiliness of the skin, enlarged pores;

  8. dryness, peeling.

Protection against photoaging

Under the influence of sunlight, free radicals form in the skin. They cause oxidative stress in tissues, increased production of interleukins. These substances damage collagen fibers, destroy hyaluronic acid.

Chemical-based SPF creams do not provide 100% sun protection. In addition, they can disrupt the skin’s natural protective barrier. Natural antioxidants are much more effective. American scientists
provedthat green tea protects the skin from UV rays, prevents dryness, sunburn and stimulates collagen production.

Exposure to UV radiation accelerates skin aging, leads to thinning of the epidermis, loss of moisture, and the appearance of age spots. Destruction of collagen fibers causes the formation of wrinkles. The substances contained in green tea not only prevent photoaging, but also restore skin elasticity. Conducted
Researches showthat products based on it are effective for the treatment of sunburn, for protection against them, as well as for smoothing wrinkles.

Folk recipes

Green tea for the face: useful properties and applications in cosmetics, a review of products

Green tea infusion can be used as a face wash and is the perfect way to avoid dryness for people with sensitive skin. It removes make-up, cosmetic masks well, and prevents acne. If you freeze it in molds, such ice cubes are an excellent tonic and moisturizer. A mixture of infusions of green tea and mint herb relieves irritation well.

To add to a homemade cream or mask, you need to prepare an infusion of 10 g of tea and 100 g of hot water. The temperature should not be higher than 90˚, insist under the lid for an hour. All useful substances from the leaves will pass into the water. You can not store home remedies, the infusion must be prepared before use.

There are many homemade green tea facial recipes. We analyzed and chose the 10 most simple and effective.

  1. To get rid of bags under the eyes, you need to make lotions from pure infusion. Moisten cotton pads and apply to eyes for 15 minutes.

  2. In 100 ml of green tea infusion, add 10 ml of vodka and half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Get a tonic for skin prone to oily. It mattifies and tightens pores. Can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days.

  3. Mix 3 tbsp. l. infusion, 15 g flour and 1 yolk. More tea can be added to make the mass become creamy. This mask should be done 2-3 times a week. It will help tighten the skin, tones it, prevent wrinkles.

  4. If the skin is dry, add thick honey to strong tea leaves. Apply the solution on the face, keep for 15-20 minutes.

  5. A nourishing mask is made with oatmeal. Green tea leaves need to be brewed with hot milk. After insisting, add crushed flakes to make a thick mass.

  6. For problem skin prone to acne, make a mask with natural apple cider vinegar. Mix half a glass of vinegar and green tea infusion, add 1 tsp. salt. Moisten a napkin in the solution and put on the face, previously steamed in a steam bath. The mask may cause irritation, tingling.

  7. With rosacea daily for a month, you need to make such a mask: 3 tbsp. l. strong brewed green tea, 1 tbsp. l. decoction of chamomile, aloe juice and glycerin, 5 drops of mint oil.

  8. To prepare a safe scrub for all skin types, you need to grind dry green tea leaves. 1 st. l. dilute the powder with a little water, add 2-3 drops of grape seed oil. This scrub brightens the skin, makes age spots less noticeable.

  9. The crushed leaves can also be used to make an effective anti-aging mask. 1 st. l. tea and 1 tsp. pour cocoa into a small amount of hot water. You should get a mass, like thick sour cream. When it cools down, add 1 tsp. honey.

  10. Another anti-aging mask recipe can be used for dry skin. Need 1 tbsp. l. mix green tea powder with 1-2 tablespoons of natural yogurt.

Overview of popular cosmetics

Many manufacturers add green tea extract or Camelia Sinensis to their cosmetics. Creams, tonics, lotions, masks are made on its basis. Popular tools are:

  1. for problem skin;

  2. slowing down aging;

  3. for mature skin;

  4. creams with sunscreen properties;

  5. for sensitive skin;

  6. for the skin around the eyes.

A wide variety of cosmetics based on green tea allows everyone to choose the right option. In our opinion, there are 10 most effective means. They cost no more than 1,500 rubles, so they are available to all women. We chose them based on reviews, taking into account the opinions of experts.

TONY MOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream

TONY MOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream

This is the most popular cream from the famous Korean brand. The main action is moisturizing. Can be used on all skin types. The composition of 63% is occupied by green tea extract. It also contains oils of rose, bergamot, olive, lemon, allantoin, glycerin. It is used as a base for make-up or a nourishing night cream.

It has an antioxidant, cooling effect. Soothes irritated skin and relieves dryness. Strengthens the walls of capillaries, increases the elasticity of the epidermis.


  • quickly absorbed;
  • eliminates oily sheen;
  • has a pleasant aroma.


  • unhygienic packaging.

Garnier Botanic Cream


The popularity of the cream is explained by the reputation of the manufacturer and a good combination of price and quality. It is made up of 96% natural ingredients. Contains glycerin, soybean oil, tocopherol, salicylic acid. Contains no parabens or sulfates.

Designed for oily and combination skin. Moisturizes, mattifies, cleanses pores. Restores the water-fat balance of the skin.


  • easy to apply;
  • smells good;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • creates a protective film;
  • evens out complexion.


  • can not be used as a base for make-up.

Farmstay Green Tea Seed Moisture SUN Cream SPF 50+

Farmstay Green Tea Seed Moisture SUN Cream SPF 50+

The moisturizing cream contains green tea leaf and seed extract. The composition also contains shea butter, extracts of witch hazel, chamomile, centella. It has a whitening effect, protects against UV rays. It has a light texture and pleasant aroma.

The cream improves skin elasticity, removes redness, tightens pores, improves complexion. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it prevents photoaging and increased pigmentation.


  • easily absorbed;
  • there are no synthetic components in the composition;
  • can be applied daily.


  • Not detected

Nevskaya Kosmetika Face cream Green tea


The most accessible and inexpensive face cream. Contains panthenol, vitamin E, olive oil. Eliminates dryness, peeling and inflammation. It has moisturizing, toning and protective properties.


  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • protects from wind, frost;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • smells good.


  • Not detected.

Garnier Anti-Aging Day Face Cream Wrinkle Protection 35+


Designed for all skin types. Slows down aging, prevents wrinkles. Moisturizes, improves elasticity, stimulates regeneration processes. Contains fruit acids, tocopherol, caffeine.


  • quickly absorbed;
  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • smells good.


  • may cause irritation and allergies.

Ottie Green Tea Cream

Ottie Green Tea Cream

This Korean cream is designed for dry, irritated and problematic skin. Eliminates peeling, irritation, relieves inflammation. Contains hyaluronic acid, allantoin, extracts of aloe, grapefruit, sophora. Keeps moisture in cells, regulates water balance.

The cream tightens the oval of the face, makes wrinkles and acne marks less pronounced. It soothes irritation, tones and refreshes.


  • Convenient pump bottle
  • quickly absorbed;
  • suitable as a base for make-up;
  • can be used for any type of skin.


  • hard to find for sale.

Mild By Nature Camellia Care Green Tea Facial Cream


Face cream on a natural basis. Contains hyaluronic acid, caffeine, resveratrol, tea tree oil. Contains no fragrances or parabens. Maintains the natural pH of the skin, suitable for all types.

The cream can be used for anti-aging care, as it reduces the severity of wrinkles, improves elasticity. It is also effective as an anti-inflammatory and protective agent. Soothes irritation and can be used as a make-up base.


  • large bottle with a convenient dispenser;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • Can be used as a day or night cream.


  • not everyone likes the scent;
  • hard to find for sale.

Sea & Energy Moisturizing & Correcting Eye Cream


Cream with a natural composition is designed for the skin of the eyelids. Contains tocopherol, extracts of passionflower, ginger, grape seed and coconut oil, hyaluronic acid. Eliminates swelling, smoothes mimic wrinkles, tightens the skin, improves elasticity.


  • does not cause allergies;
  • economically spent;
  • moisturizes well;
  • smells good;
  • removes puffiness and bruises under the eyes.


  • Not detected.

Bielenda Hydrosol Green Tea 3in1

Bielenda Hydrosol Green Tea 3in1

This is a tonic based on floral water. Contains Azeloglycine, Tea Tree Oil, Panthenol. Cleanses, moisturizes, tones, mattifies and whitens. Narrows pores, regulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, normalizes the pH level of the skin. Hydrolate slows down the aging process, can be used at any age.


  • can be applied several times a day;
  • refreshes the face;
  • cleanses pores well.


  • not suitable for sensitive skin.

MIJIN Cosmetics Green Tea Essence sheet mask


An effective sheet mask for all skin types. Eliminates inflammation, prevents acne, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Contains tocopherol, aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, caffeine.


  • simple application;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • eliminates swelling and inflammation;
  • does not require rinsing.


  • Not detected.

Green tea leaves are beneficial for the skin. Therefore, they are often added to homemade and ready-made cosmetics.

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