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Age spots on the hands are a common cosmetic problem. Most often it occurs with age, but hyperpigmentation is possible even in young girls. It is difficult to mask such spots with cosmetics, so the question of how to remove them is relevant. Cosmetologists recommend an integrated approach. It is important not only to carry out skin lightening procedures, but also to understand the causes of hyperpigmentation.

Age spots on the hands: how to remove and 4 reasons for the appearance

Causes of age spots

Age spots appear when melanin pigment accumulates in certain areas of the epidermis. It is necessary to protect the skin from damage. This is how a tan is formed when exposed to sunlight.

But sometimes the production of melanin is disturbed, it is formed unevenly. There are spots of different sizes and shapes of brown or yellowish color. Often they are localized on the back of the hands. Karl R. Thornfeldt, MD, a Fruitland dermatologist, notes that any skin damage or inflammation stimulates
melanin production.

Melanin does not accumulate in the surface layer of the epidermis, as with sunburn, but deeper. Therefore, such spots most often do not disappear on their own. And masking them with cream will not work. To effectively get rid of age spots, you first need to figure out why they appear.

There are 4 most common reasons:

  1. exposure to ultraviolet;

  2. hormonal disruptions;

  3. skin damage;

  4. diseases.


Jerome Garden, MD, professor of clinical dermatology at Northwestern University School of Medicine, notes that in 90% of cases, hyperpigmentation is due to
sun exposure. Hands are the most unprotected part of the body, you can’t hide them under clothes. Ultraviolet rays damage melanocytes and fibroblast cells. An inflammatory reaction occurs, which provokes the production of a large amount of melanin.

Professor Garden recommends protecting your skin from the sun. From its impact, the spots will increase, darken. Therefore, in the summer you need to apply a cream with an SPF of at least 30 every 2-3 hours.

Scientists in Australia have found that artificial ultraviolet rays used in tanning beds damage the skin the most. They can even cause melanoma. Therefore, solariums are now prohibited in this country.

Hormonal disruptions

Hormone imbalance can lead to hyperpigmentation. This happens during pregnancy, when taking hormonal drugs, during menopause. After childbirth or with the withdrawal of drugs, such spots should gradually disappear. If this does not happen, this indicates serious endocrine disorders in the body.

A large number of brown spots of different sizes appear on the hands with age. This is due to the onset of menopause and a change in the hormonal background, which affects the production of melanin. Senile age spots are called lentigo.

Skin damage

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by any
skin damage: a cut, an injury, an aggressive cosmetic procedure, says Otari Gogiberidze, a dermatocosmetologist at the Beauty Time clinic. The protective mechanism in the form of active production of melanin can work in response to prolonged contact with synthetic clothing. It causes a lack of oxygen in the cells, sweating.

Also, hyperpigmentation can occur after contact with aggressive cosmetics, household chemicals. Spots appear on the site of boils, acne, eczema. The cause may be chemical peeling, laser or photoepilation. If the skin is damaged, thinned, pigment spots appear on it.


Hyperpigmentation, which is most often localized on the hands, can occur with such health disorders:

  1. hypovitaminosis, especially lack of vitamin C;

  2. liver disease;

  3. diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

  4. red or purple spots appear due to vascular pathologies.

Dermatologist Ekaterina Lazakovich notes that a malfunction of the thyroid gland can also be the cause. The spots in this case will be light, yellowish.

How to get rid of age spots

To get rid of hyperpigmentation, an integrated approach is required. The most effective means of lightening age spots that lie in the deep layers of the skin are salon procedures. Superficial pigmentation can be removed with the help of cosmetics with a whitening effect. But the best effect can be achieved by combining these methods.

Before applying any methods, you need to be examined by a doctor and find out the cause of this problem. It may be necessary to normalize the hormonal background or cure diseases of the internal organs, without which external procedures will be ineffective.

It is also an important condition for successfully getting rid of this problem — protection from sunlight. When going outside in summer, it is recommended to use a cream with SPF 30-50; in the cold season, SPF 15-20 is enough.

Salon procedures

The most common and effective procedure for removing age spots, cosmetologists consider peeling. It removes the surface layer of the skin, stimulates regeneration processes. Chemical peels are usually used with different acids. A study by scientists was published in the National Library of Medicine journal, which proved the effectiveness of cryopillation for getting rid of
hyperpigmentation. After a course of procedures, a significant lightening of the spots was observed.

The treatment of areas with pigmentation with a laser beam or light pulses is also effective. They destroy melanin and stimulate the exfoliation of the upper layer of the epidermis. With the correct procedure, new cells in this place are formed already without pigmentation.

Home cosmetics

Home remedies don’t work as effectively and are slower. In our opinion, there are some of the simplest and safest recipes that, with regular use, will help lighten age spots.

  1. Squeeze out a small portion of baby cream, add 10 drops of fresh lemon juice to it, mix. Apply daily for hand care. If the skin is not prone to dryness, you can apply lemon juice separately.

  2. A simple effective mask is made on the basis of egg white. It must be beaten with 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice. The mask removes age spots, makes the skin smoother and more elastic.

  3. It is often recommended to use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. But separately this tool is aggressive. Based on it, you can prepare a mask: 1 tbsp. l. white clay, ½ tsp. soda and ½ tsp. talc. Dilute this mixture with a small amount of peroxide to make a thick slurry. Apply pointwise only on age spots.

  4. Finely chop a bunch of parsley. Pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 2 hours, strain. Use for rubbing hands, compresses. If the skin is dry, instead of water, it is better to take kefir or sour cream. Lactic acid will enhance the whitening effect. This mask should be kept on hand for 20-30 minutes.

  5. Cucumber has a whitening effect. You can wipe your hands with pieces of vegetable, make applications from crushed pulp, lubricate the skin with juice.

  6. Effective masks from sour fruits and berries. These are citrus fruits, cherries, currants, strawberries. They are used alone or in any combination. Fruits need to be chopped and a compress made from mashed potatoes. You can put pieces on areas with pigmentation. If you combine fruits with kefir, this will enhance the whitening effect.

  7. Carrot mask evens out skin tone, brightens age spots. You need to rub the carrots, squeeze out the juice, it will take 1 tsp. Mix it with the yolk and a tablespoon of cream.

  8. A warming castor oil mask nourishes, softens the skin, brightens age spots. For 2 st. l. you need to add 1 tsp. honey and lemon juice. After applying the mask, it is recommended to put plastic bags on your hands. Keep 20-30 minutes.

  9. A nourishing mask that softens the skin and whitens it is made from potatoes. It needs to be boiled and mashed. For 1 potato you need 1 tbsp. l. sour cream, cottage cheese and lemon juice, as well as 1 tsp. olive oil. Apply a warm mass in a thick layer on the back of the hands and put on plastic bags.

  10. White clay is effective for lightening pigmentation. It must be diluted with juice of fresh or sauerkraut, cucumber or lemon to the consistency of sour cream.

Finished cosmetics

Creams, serums and emulsions with a whitening effect are used. They may contain retinol, antioxidants, fruit acids, plant extracts. On sale you can find such products designed for the skin of the hands. But with the same success, you can use face creams. We analyzed popular whitening products and chose some of the most effective ones.

Caudalie Vinoperfect hand cream

Rating: 4.9

Caudalie Vinoperfect hand cream

The cream is designed to care for the skin of the hands and lighten age spots. Contains the unique component wineferin, patented by Caudalie. It not only whitens, but also regulates the production of melanin, preventing the appearance of pigmentation. The composition also contains peony extract, shea butter, avocado, grape seed, vitamin E, glycerin. The cream nourishes and moisturizes the skin, eliminates peeling, enhances the protective properties of the skin.


  • quickly absorbed;
  • smells good;
  • has a natural composition;
  • does not create a greasy film.


  • need to use for a long time.

Hand cream Librederm MEZOLUX Bio-reinforcing anti-aging

Rating: 4.8

Hand cream Librederm MEZOLUX Bio-reinforcing anti-aging

Universal cream with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E. It has a moisturizing, rejuvenating, whitening effect. Contains shea butter, almond, glycerin, urea. The cream stimulates collagen synthesis, improves skin elasticity, makes it smooth and silky.


  • does not contain parabens;
  • visible whitening effect;
  • moisturizes well;
  • smells good;
  • quickly absorbed.

Holy Land Alpha-Beta & Retinol Brightening Mask

Rating: 4.8


Cream mask for all skin types, suitable for face, hands and body. Contains fruit acids, a complex of extracts, panthenol. Active ingredients with a whitening effect — kaolin, retinol, licorice root extract. The mask cleanses the skin, normalizes the water-fat balance, softens, improves elasticity. With regular use, it removes age spots and evens out the color.


  • easy to apply;
  • has a tightening effect;
  • accelerates regeneration processes;
  • brightens pigmentation;
  • removes inflammation and irritation.

Uriage emulsion Bariesun against age spots

Rating: 4.8

Uriage emulsion Bariesun against age spots

A tool with a complex action. Lightens age spots and provides sun protection to prevent their appearance. Evens out skin tone. It can be used on the face and body, after aggressive cosmetic procedures. Contains dimethicone, tapioca starch, glycerin, vitamin E.


  • SPF factor 50;
  • suitable for frequent application;
  • easy to apply;
  • smells good;
  • does not create a filmy feeling.


  • for whitening should be applied regularly.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Spray SPF 30

Rating: 4.7


Spray for the body, protecting against damage from ultraviolet rays, from photoaging. Whitens already existing pigment spots, evens out the tone. Moisturizes, softens the skin, improves elasticity. Restores after sunburn, eliminates peeling. Contains thermal water, glycerine


  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • easy to apply;
  • does not create a feeling of stickiness;
  • protects against sunburn;
  • smells good;
  • does not contain parabens.

Salon procedures and cosmetics will help get rid of age spots on the hands. With an integrated approach, the skin will again become light. And protection from the sun’s rays will help prevent the appearance of pigmentation in the future.

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