2022 podium captured robot vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning stations (both for the dry cleaning option and with the function of rinsing napkins)but they are still overpriced. At the same time, the market continues to fill with high-tech consumer robotics, and you can find many at a more moderate price, but with advanced technical characteristics. For example, with a laser rangefinder and high accuracy of building a map of the room, plus with a suction power of dust and litter up to 5,000 Pa. We offer a rating of models with dry cleaning and affordable cost.

The top five includes the most worthy cleaners with new design solutions and improved functionality, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning of any floor and carpet surfaces, strips along walls and corners. Guaranteed perfect purity — 99%. Guaranteed perfect purity – 99%. In the rating, we will reveal the additional features of each device, surprise with the advantages and do not hide the disadvantages.


  1. Okami U100 Plus
  2. iRobot Roomba s9
  3. Hobot Legee D7
  4. Roborock S7
  5. Genio Laser L800

1st place — Okami U100 Plus

The leader of the rating is a functional model, which is distinguished by the best laser navigation system (LDS), thorough dry cleaning and three types of control (from a mobile application, from a remote control, manual buttons on the body). Price for 2022 <40 000 rub. (the ideal ratio of cost and quality compared to the representatives of the "top five"). The design and beauty of the body of the robot vacuum cleaner is easy to distinguish from others robotic devices.

  • High-quality Japanese engine Nidec provides the robot with suction power up to 5,000 Pa.
  • Long-term continuous operation (2 hours) when servicing an area >120 m2.
  • Movement along the perimeter of the zone, and then inside it with a «snake».
  • Silicone brush with bristles for dry cleaning.
  • Large capacity 600 ml dust and debris tank.
  • 2 side brushes.
  • Low noise <50dB (most Quiet device in the ranking of robots 2022).
  • Dimensions — 33×10 cm.
  • Charging the battery up to 3 hours. Continue cleaning after recharging.
  • The application allows you to edit the map of the premises, set virtual walls and restricted areas, places for local cleaning.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner warns about the problems that have arisen during the cleaning process with a voice message.
  • 4 consumable kit options with additional side brushes and a HEPA fine filter

Additional chips of the best robot vacuum cleaner from this 2022 vacuum cleaner ranking: wet cleaning with adjustable intensity of water supply to napkins (360 ml water tank), instruction in Russian with many clear diagrams. Integration into the smart home system is possible — Alexa, Google Home, Yandex, etc.

Cons: The mobile app lacks push notifications about problems to the phone. No pad on the charging station (wet wipes need to be removed, rinsed and dried in time).

2nd place — iRobot Roomba s9

Popular model among buyers Roomba s9 by iRobot brand it is difficult to name — the price for 2022 is high (even without a self-cleaning station > 80,000 rubles) But technical characteristics of the robot vacuum cleaner, relevant in 2022, not to be missed — they are too good: silent operation (dry and wet), high-performance HEPA filter retaining up to 99% of allergens, rotating towards each other 2 silicone turbo brushes, D-shaped. Therefore, we could not but add it to our rating.

  • Autonomous work up to 2 hours allows you to clean an apartment up to 160-180 m2.
  • Three-stage cleaning system for floors and carpets + thorough cleaning along the walls and in the corners of the rooms.
  • vSLAM technology plus optical sensors build an accurate map of the premises.
  • Control from a mobile application on the phone.
  • Enlarged in size turbo brush for dry cleaning.
  • The volume of the trash tank is 550 ml.
  • The kit includes an additional HEPA filter and a side brush.
  • Dimensions 31.1×8.9 cm, weight — 3.7 kg.

Additional features: regarding other types of devices, Roomba s9 is the best robot vacuum copes with pet hair, hair and threads. Post-warranty service in service centers in the Russian Federation.

The disadvantages include the inflated price of the device. Despite the price, this is a very worthy device and deserves a place in this ranking of the best dry cleaning devices of 2022.

3rd place — Hobot Legee D7

Ranked third in our rankings flagship model Legee D7 brand Hobot. She has a laser rangefinder and is different from champions 2022 in dry cleaning Raised 6mm on carpets with a wet cloth platform, D-shape and decent performance. Buy the device in 2022 is possible for 45,000 rubles.

  • Suction force 2 700 Pa.
  • Autonomous work within 140 minutes.
  • Smart charging (automatic return to the base and continuation of work after recharging). The robot vacuum cleaner is re-charged as much as it is not enough to complete the job.
  • Control from a mobile application on the phone. There are options for setting a virtual wall, zoning an apartment into rooms, and creating a weekly cleaning schedule. Connection to the smart home system (Alexa, Yandex). Support for voice commands.
  • Turbo brush + 1 side brush.
  • An additional hole in front of the turbo brush that sucks up large debris and hair (wool). It will speed up the collection of debris during dry cleaning.
  • 8 movement options: along the perimeter, spiral, local and fast cleaning, etc.
  • 500 ml dust tank.
  • Noise level <60 dB.
  • Dimensions 35×11 cm, weight 3 kg.

Additional features of the vacuum cleaner robot: wet cleaning function with a built-in intelligent option to spray water in front of the napkin. But the platform is now one and not vibrating (like the previous model Legee 7).

By the minus we attribute a rather small power suction for 2022 of the yearalthough positive reviewCustomers and prize-winning places in the ratings do not bypass this stylish device.

4th place — Roborock S7 MaxV

In the ranking high-quality and functional model Roborock S7 MaxV features a frontal RGB camera, LDS and 3D light scanning function, as well as max suction power up to 5,100 Pa — it is 2 times increased compared to robotic vacuum cleaner Roborock S7. There is an ultrasonic carpet recognition sensor and attractive features.

  • Control via Roborock mobile app and Mi Home. Plus mechanical buttons for manual control on the case.
  • Building maps of the premises and storing them in memory, setting restricted areas, scheduled cleaning. Cleaning an apartment up to 300 m2 (this is the robot with the largest cleaning area in our ranking).
  • 3 cleaning modes: automatic, selection of rooms or areas of dry cleaning (or wet only). You can set from one to 3 passes of the same room.
  • Automatic increase in power when cleaning carpets.
  • Silicone turbo brush + 1 side brush for dry cleaning.
  • The platform with a napkin automatically rises upon arrival on the carpet.
  • Noise level <67 dB.
  • The volume of the dust container is 400 ml. The HEPA filter is washable.
  • Dimensions 35×9.7 cm.

Additional features: LED illumination under the camera, which helps to “see” objects at night, wet cleaning function (200 ml water tank).

By minus we attribute the overestimated middle price vacuum cleaner robot — in 2022 it is about 60,000 rubles. But the dry cleaning of this robot is excellent, and it deserves a place in this ranking of vacuum cleaners in 2022.

5th place — Genio Laser L800

Excellent navigation based on a laser rangefinder and stylish design distinguish best for 2022 robot vacuum cleaner Genio Laser L800. In many reviews and ratings, this device for dry (and wet) cleaning of the house takes first place, it supports 5G (Wi-Fi frequency 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz). Service area >100 m2.

  • Management from a proprietary mobile application in Russian and from the remote control (the main functions are duplicated). Plus, all the possibilities of working with room maps are implemented. There is a magnetic tape for setting restricted areas. You can adjust the volume of the voice messages of the robot cleaner.
  • Suction power up to 2,700 Pa.
  • Autonomous work — 2.5 hours.
  • Noise level <68 dB.
  • Turbo brush + silicone roller + 1 side brush (replaceable turbo brush included).
  • Dust container volume — 500 ml, HEPA filter.
  • Dimensions 34×9.5 cm.
  • There are additional consumables included.

Interesting and functional model of a vacuum cleaner robot, made of high-quality material, deservedly enters the top 5 of our rating. The price of the device for 2022: up to 30,000 rubles. This is the most budget option! And the black carpet does not scare him.

On the downside, we attribute the lack of a function to recognize objects on the floor and good (not excellent) dry cleaning of carpets — the robot does not increase power when it enters the carpet. Not much suction power compared to new generation robotic vacuum cleaners.


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