Style and quality in one device. Yes, this is about ELARI SmartBot Turbo! Have you seen a red smart vacuum cleaner before? We assure you that it looks really fashionable, but let’s talk about the functionality of the gadget below.

We analyze the functionality of the robot ELARI SmartBot Turbo

The device is made of plastic and is available in three colors: white, black and red. Lovers of bright accents in their interiors are incredibly lucky. In addition to interesting color solutions, the model boasts compact dimensions: 325 × 325 × 70 mm.

The front side is equipped with a small control panel. It has two main buttons, framed by an oval border. With their help, you can force the device to work or send it «home» — to the base for charging. The panel has the property of being highlighted in different colors, which depend on the current state of the device. Red color — malfunction, green color — full battery charge, orange color — low battery charge that needs to be replenished as soon as possible.

Robot vacuum cleaner ELARI SmartBot Turbo colors

The vacuum cleaner is ringed with a bumper, where the main sensors are located, responsible for the unhindered movement of the robot in space.

On the bottom there are wheels, a turbo brush, introduced by the developers only in this robot model, and two side brushes. ELARI SmartBot Turbo is designed for two types of cleaning at once: dry and wet. The main V-shaped brush and two side brushes are responsible for collecting debris from the floor and directing it to the dust collector. This design, consisting of three brushes at once, allows you to sweep rubbish even along the baseboards.

ELARI SmartBot Turbo Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Wet cleaning is carried out as follows: a microfiber cloth, embedded by the user on the bottom of the device, is wetted by the robot and wipes the floors from dust.

The robot works in several modes at once:

  • Auto mode. The vacuum cleaner will work daily on the same cleaning path. This mode is perfect for everyday maintenance of order in the house.
  • Cleaning around the perimeter. The mode will allow the device to clean even in hard-to-reach corners. This is where a lot of dirt usually accumulates.
  • local mode. If dust is not the main problem that the robot can solve, and there are more complex pollutions in the house, feel free to choose this mode.
  • The maximum power mode will keep carpets always fresh.
ELARI SmartBot Turbo operating modes

How to control ELARI SmartBot Turbo?

Like all modern devices, ELARI SmartBot Turbo is controlled using an application in a smartphone. If you do not need an extended format of all kinds of functions, you can use the remote control. Another control option is voice assistants. Speak a command, and the robot will activate, obeying it.

Should I buy ELARI SmartBot Turbo?

General product characteristics:

  • dry and wet cleaning
  • dust container 0.50 l and water container 0.40 l
  • smartphone control
  • battery life: 120 min
  • weekday programming
  • WxDxH: 32.50×32.50×7 cm
  • remote control

ELARI SmartBot Turbo performs fairly high-quality cleaning. High suction power, large volume of dust collector and water tank, as well as convenient control of the robot are the undeniable advantages of the model.

However, the lack of a traffic limiter, the inability to build a map of the premises, and, in general, not the most perfect navigation system outlines the potential risks of poor-quality cleaning. The modern robotics market allows you to choose gadgets with the most advanced versions of navigation systems. We recommend paying attention to the model with an optical camera — Okami U90 and a vacuum cleaner equipped with lidar — Okami U100.


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