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Each of us from early childhood knows the truth that you need to read books. But not everyone understands why and who needs it, what people get from reading books. After all, there are many other ways to get information. Let’s try to figure out why people in modern society read little and what gives this activity.

Why you need to read books

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Why people don’t read much

Modern society differs from other, even very recent times, in its speed. Whether we like it or not, the need to go, and sometimes run, in step with the times, makes its own adjustments. And already late in the evening, not a volume of classics, but a computer strategy or another «shooter» is in the hands. In addition, there is now no need to seek out information “from the depths”. She lies on the surface.

And, for reading books, even with a great desire, there is less and less time left. Therefore, to the question: “What book are you reading now?”, You can often hear the answer that I don’t read books. This situation is especially acute with the younger generation. After all, it is growing with modern and convenient gadgets that allow you to find the information you need in a few seconds.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that this is bad or good. These are the realities of our time. And it would be foolish to imagine a schoolboy who overlaid with a bunch of books to make an essay. He will simply enter the topic into the search engine and get the necessary, moreover, already worked out information. Now, in order to pass the exam, you do not need to reread War and Peace. I listened to the retelling, understood the plot and go ahead, take exams. But maybe one, the second time and «roll». But where is the guarantee that it will work again in the future?

Often we ask the question: “Why don’t teenagers read?” It can be answered unambiguously, because parents do not read at home. Of course adults have pretty weighty excuses. Modern man is very busy. But according to the data, successful people find time to read. Of course, one can say that children should be taught to read books at school. Of course they will teach, but just being able to read and being an active user of books are two different things. It is important that children enjoy reading.

Why read books

After numerous studies, scientists have identified ten main reasons why reading books is considered a good thing for a person.

  1. Improving fantasy. While reading, a person himself has to draw a picture that happens according to the plot. Words sometimes acquire a different life, which is transformed into fantasy. Images of what is being read appear in the reader’s mind. This is a great exercise for our brain. Often, when reading works, a person may have an idea how to solve their own problem. He gets an impetus to solve his question, which sometimes changes the life of the reader and his loved ones.

  2. Improve mental processes. According to Israeli scientists, reading is a good prevention of dementia. It can slow down serious brain damage or even prevent them. Through reading, the brain acquires stable connections. The reader’s brain is in a constant tone, it is active. This is a kind of «pumping the muscles of the head.» People who read throughout their lives begin to suffer from age-related changes later than their non-reading peers. They have better mental health, memory. The rich inner world of books is able to calm a person, help his body in the fight against stress. Reading books is of the greatest relevance in our time, when most people are under constant stress.

  3. Gains self-confidence. Psychologists have conducted studies that have shown that a person who reads books is more confident in himself. This is not surprising, because well-read people are more erudite. They are able to demonstrate their knowledge in any field in an involuntary conversation. As a result, their self-esteem increases. They are distinguished by composure, confidence, behave like successful people. What, ultimately, attracts success in life.

  4. Increases vocabulary. When reading works on various topics, a person involuntarily gets acquainted with new words for him, terms that are not used in everyday speech. Sometimes he looks up the meaning of unfamiliar words in the dictionary, sometimes he understands the meaning from the context. Thus, there is an increase in the overall level of literacy.

  5. Improved sleep quality. Psychologists say that daily reading before going to bed has a positive effect on its quality. As children, we ask our parents to read a book to us at night. Thus, it is more pleasant to fall asleep, stress is relieved during the day. In addition, the body adapts to such a regime. After some time, reading becomes a kind of sleep signal. Usually people who read before going to bed are cheerful in the morning, wake up in a good mood.

  6. Improves concentration. In modern realities, we are used to combining several things. People are forced to do business, sharing it by talking on the phone, communicating with other people, the Internet. Ultimately, this feature negatively affects concentration. In doing so, an important matter suffers. Reading a book teaches us to focus on one thing. We are forced to keep our attention on the plot of the book, without being distracted by external stimuli.

  7. Improves memory. People who regularly read books, at least half an hour a day, imperceptibly improve their memory. They unobtrusively memorize new information every day. Non-reading people «spin» in a monotonous environment. Therefore, their memory remains at the same level. To understand the plot, you will have to remember new names, characters of the characters. This is good for memory. While reading, a person talks. His imagination includes many details. It represents the appearance of the characters, the situation. Books develop analytical thinking. Reading people have a much faster mind, high intelligence.

  8. Speech and empathy develop. Reading improves language skills. Reading people speak more beautifully, clearly express their thoughts. They are talented storytellers. It is easier to communicate with them, as they are interesting interlocutors. A person who reads books can impress others because he always has a lot of topics to talk about. He tends to be compassionate. Since he has an amazing chance to be «in the shoes of another person.» He has the opportunity to look at the world through his eyes, to feel his experiences, to see his thoughts. Moreover, this world is much different from the world familiar to us. Reading people stop looking at what is happening with a “blurred” look. They are able to better understand people, empathize with them.

  9. Expanding horizons. Books are a source of new knowledge, and they generously share it with the reader. A non-reader lives in a monotonous world. Of course, you can get information from other sources, but it is poorer. Reading allows you to know the world as it really is, and not from media squeezes. A person who reads, simultaneously with his life, lives the life of the characters in the books, experiences their feelings. He has a unique chance to draw on their life experience. This does not prevent you from gaining your own experience. On the contrary, a person who reads, thanks to causal relationships, is able to warn himself against making mistakes.

  10. Self improvement. Thanks to reading books, a person acquires the opportunity to understand himself, to learn a lot about himself. Sometimes he unexpectedly finds a solution to the problem, looks at his life in a new way. The reader puts himself in the place of the heroes of the plot, thinks about how he would act in this situation. Through reading, he develops his own worldview. The view of the world becomes deeper and wider, there is a reassessment of values, their new formation. Most of the books act as a motivation to improve performance.

Reading books is considered the second way, after traveling, to get to know the world, the new culture of people, the life of other peoples. A person who reads stays young longer. After all, as you know, old age begins with the aging of the brain.

Reading to children

Child psychologists say that children need to read books from an early age. Some are inclined to believe that from birth, some — from 4 months. Of course, it depends on the characteristics of the baby. But, reading a few lines with an interesting intonation will not be superfluous for a child. Of course, the baby does not yet understand the meaning of the words, but he gets comfort when he hears his mother’s voice. As the child grows, he gets used to reading, first the habit is formed by vivid illustrations, then by ordinary texts and the instructive essence of the work. When the child grows up, begins to read aloud, he will form the correct pronunciation.

Why read books to children

Why you need to read books

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Having learned to read from early childhood, the child takes this activity for granted. He is able to see the unlimited world that the book gives him, he can choose topics of interest to him. The child will be able to independently draw information, analyze actions and events, and see the consequences. At this stage, it is important to discuss what has been read with parents. Here he learns to defend his opinion, listen to others, value their opinion.

What books to read to modern children

Unfortunately, most of today’s children eschew books. They will give preference to reading the next talk show or a computer game. Most psychologists are of the opinion that this is due to the so-called «pedagogical error», the imposition of «wrong books» that are not suitable for their age. Modern schoolchildren are different from schoolchildren of the 20th century. They have different worldviews, needs, a different pace of life. If at home there is a desire to introduce reading books into the life of a child, then parents, first of all, need to get acquainted with his preferences, find an interesting plot for him.

Do children need to read the classics

This question can be answered unequivocally: “Yes”. Of course, today the infinity of modern literature is impressive. You have to keep up with the times. But, one should not disregard those authors who laid the foundation of culture in a generation. In addition to their writing skills, children will learn about a past life, be able to compare it with their abilities. The works of the classics allow us to learn the lifestyle and needs of our ancestors. Thus, the cultural heritage that has been acquired for centuries will live on.

Reading is a pleasant pastime, an effective way to develop mental abilities, increase vocabulary. This activity improves mood, sleep, relieves stress. A few pages read in the evening and in the morning can change our lives for the better.

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