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Proper planning of the territory of a suburban area is not an easy task, especially when it comes to a small area. In this case, zoning in landscape design coincides with planning the interior of a small apartment. In this case, designers are advised to carry out functional markup, draw up a plan. A clearly traced pattern will give rhythm, and the visually fenced contours of the zones will keep openness.

Site zoning

suburban area planning

If the site is small in size, it is important to consider the location of each zone. More space is allocated for the garden and vegetable garden than for flower beds and a recreation area. Part of the site is allocated for a capital building with outbuildings. Some summer residents place a small pond instead of a vegetable garden and surround it with a green lawn.

What nuances should be taken into account when drawing up a plan?

When sketching out a site zoning plan, you need to take into account some factors to simplify the work:

  1. microrelief — it is easier to work with a flat area than with a number of hills;

  2. form — an oval or quadrangular area is much more convenient for placing objects than a geometrically irregular one;

  3. soil composition — ornamental plants grow better on fertile soil, it is more convenient to carry out construction than on rocky soil;

  4. groundwater occurrence — the deeper, the better for laying the foundation, and for growing crops.


When zoning space, it is better to separate territories with low partitions made of natural stone.

Basic rules for space zoning

When zoning a suburban area, you must adhere to three rules:

  1. No artificial walls! In order to prevent the visual narrowing of the space, it is important to exclude a “deaf” high fence. A dense fence can be replaced with a low picket fence, wattle, chain-link mesh, entwined with flowering or ornamental plants.

  2. Free center. All high buildings must be moved to the edge of the site. In the middle, it is recommended to create an artificial pond, surround it with a green lawn.

  3. Zest or accent detail of the site. As a bright spot that attracts attention, there can be a flower bed in which light colors gently intertwine, a beautiful fountain with illumination at night, a bridge over a stream or a barbecue area.

A vertical support entwined with roses or clematis makes the space voluminous. Multi-level platforms help visually increase the area. If the boundary of the site is made of concrete, the barrier should be decorated with convex mirrors to create the illusion that reflective surfaces will double the area. A high fence should be decorated with flower beds-pockets and plant purslane, fuchsia, begonia or strawberries, parsley, lettuce in containers.

11 space zoning techniques

Competent zoning of a suburban area visually increases the size, allows you to decorate the territory the way you want, so that the garden turns into a fairy tale.

Paving structure and ornament

The creation of paths should be considered from the very beginning, as soon as zones on the site are planned and marked out. The structure of the laying depends on the shape, ornament, location of the paths and land surveying of the zones.

Borders can be marked with a border made of excellent material, in a different color and pattern.

To organize drainage stacks, grooves can be dug and filled with gravel. Such a solution will not only beautifully designate the zones, but also help the water drain from the site. Just remember to create a slight slope.

Paths are not only a functional element, but also a good border. If you arrange the track in a different way, tone or material, it can become a border when dividing the space into zones.

When paving, the location of the pattern and its dimensions play an important role. You can consider fan styling, a classic patterned rosette or in the form of a checkerboard.


Even if all the work has already been completed, you can still use this technique by digging single stones on the lawn and arranging them in a curb.

suburban area zoning

Creation of wide steps and structures in the form of retaining walls

A wooden terrace may consist of several levels. The first one will be occupied by the dining room, the second one will become a cozy place to relax, the third one will turn into a playground for children.

Terracing slopes — creating a unique design with your own hands. With proper planning, drops will become an original feature of the site with a clear allocation of zones.

The device of retaining walls is one of the methods of capital construction. Terraces with retaining walls clearly define the zones. The design of the territory with the help of terraces adds volume and texture. Retaining walls can be decorated with ampelous and ground cover plants.

Arrangement of a stream — dry or real

The size of the stream is affected by the area of ​​​​the site. A dry canal or stream will help define the boundaries. The bridge across the stream is the finishing touch, giving decorative completeness. On the sides of the decorative reservoir, platforms are placed that differ in their functionality.

A small plot does not allow digging a pond of impressive size. It is recommended to create a dry stream that, smoothly winding throughout the territory, will not only mark the boundaries, but also mark individual zones. A decorative bridge will come in handy!

Low curbs

When zoning, small walls help to define the border, but do not create closeness. To create low curbs, stones, hemp, sawn wood, concrete, and the remains of a beam are suitable.

Low curbs created near the playground for children will serve as benches located in the barbecue area — they will serve as a table for snacks. The optimal height of the borders is 40-55 cm, width — 30-45 cm.

Fixed borders can be used to accommodate container plants, herb pots.

Canopy or pergola

A light openwork pergola on a thin support will help organize zoning. The pergola can be made of metal or wood.

Openwork structures can act as independent elements in the garden, or surrounded by plants. It is important to take into account that the flowers should not completely wrap around the pergola so as not to disturb the effect of openness.

To protect against rain, snow and other precipitation, it is recommended to make a canopy of transparent polycarbonate.


The landscape composition cannot be completed without luminaires built into the ground, located along the perimeter of the site. You can limit the zones with the help of handmade lanterns.

Hanging lighting is not only for interior design. This element is also present in landscape design. Large plafonds can be mounted on a tree or on racks.

Transparent partitions

To mark the boundaries, it is enough to install topical partitions. Openwork elements will not only divide the space into zones, but also act as a green corner or a vitamin bed that does not require additional space.

Low-growing flowers and shrubs in the border design

Elongated flower beds, rabatki serve as decoration, help to delimit the space. A narrow flower garden can be placed around the perimeter. Width at your discretion.

Narrow borders will keep their shape well if they are decorated with asters, marigolds, undersized irises, flax, chrysanthemums. In wide borders, it is worth planting dicentra, phloxes, geraniums, peonies.

Of the undersized shrubs for decorating the border, suitable: chaenomelis, hydrangea, spirea, Kuril tea. A border of lingonberry, barberry, stunted vesicle, cotoneaster can be cut.

Planting plants in containers

Limiting areas to plants in containers helps maintain mobility. Even if you don’t like the design, you can change the design at any time.

You should not choose containers of the same color and shape. As a basis, you can take any one sign. In this case, the future composition will be a single whole. It is ideal to pick up a garden sculpture for containers with flowers.

Furniture arrangement

With the right placement of garden furniture, a feeling of isolation is created. You can not place sofas opposite each other, otherwise the world around you will simply dissolve. It is better if the back of the sofa is facing the open space. You just need to make sure that garden furniture is decorative from any side, no matter how you look at it.


Emphasis is a great technique. To highlight the area located at the fence, you can use a painting, a different color, a picture.


With the help of a mobile element — a folding screen, a certain zone is allocated. To create a screen, it is important to use materials that will not deteriorate under the influence of adverse weather conditions, otherwise the screen will have to be brought into the house every time.

Techniques for decorating a suburban area can be used solo or in tandem. Each landscaping design is unique, so the basic elements can be complemented by other methods of creating a secluded atmosphere.

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